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"Free" IT courseware for schools and libraries?

Courtesy of the Development Gateway people ( comes information about ALISON Educating Together, a prob offers free IT training e-learning courseware suitable for use by libraries and schools. The courseware is intended to help adults (?) build basic computer-and-Internet skills. Also provided is a learner-management system, which one assumes interoperates with ALISON's own LMS to keep track of course completion and whatever else (learner contacts, for example?).  Best of all, it's free! 


Or "free." ALISON charges each participating institutions €100 to participate (no information as to whether that's per year or per course) and charges €20 for each official ALISON parchment certificate that it issues to learners when they complete the course. Host institutions (e.g., libraries, schools) get half of that fee. Unless learners opt for the free paper certificate. 


I'm unconvinced that many strapped-for-cash organizations are going to be in communities where €30 (for the course and the certificate, although schools and libraries can price the courses as they wish) for an unaccredited e-learning course on basic IT skills is going to be seen as a good investment. 


What other local organizations are offering training? (Face to face, anyone?) 


I'm also--as always--very skeptical about the ability of mass e-learning to address adult learners' needs to have context and utility bundled along with instruction. Learning in the abstract is both difficult and unrewarding. 


Ah well. 

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This is pretty cool. Learning Management System helps students understand things easily without any hustle at the comfort of their home or anywhere they like to study.

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