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Interest in computer science is DECLINING among US girls
According to an extensive study by the Nat'l Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT):

Among female college-bound-high-school seniors taking the SAT in 2006, only one percent--fewer than 5,000 students--indicated computer and information sciences as an intended major This is a nearly 50 percent decline from 1996, when women comprised one-quarter of all students intending to major in computer and information sciences.

The study, "Evaluating Promising Practices in Informal Information Technology," goes on to state that the number of B.S. in C.S. degrees awarded to women in the US was the same in 2004 as it was in 1985.

Although I don't know the overall distribution of bachelor's degrees among women and men, this situation doesn't seem like good news for a country and economy that are becoming increasingly reliant on innovation. 


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